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  • Advanced Waste Water Systems (AWWS) is an international manufacturer and the marketing source of the world’s first domestic Grey Flow water reuse system with self-cleaning filtration and no holding tank.
    AWWS Grey Flow systems is an International Registered Patent.
    This system offers a healthy clean and fail safe (low liability) method to reuse domestic and commercial Grey Water in gardens.

    AWWS Grey Flow is a world leader in domestic water conservation implementing the use of the latest technology in Grey Water Systems.
    AWWS Grey Flow system is the winner of the 2009 Western Australia water conservation product of the year. 

    AWWS Grey Flow system has been actively operating for seven years in several countries worldwide. The development and understanding of AWWS Grey Flow reuse water systems is pertinent to the ever expanding water crises occurring worldwide.

    The intense research and development of AWWS Grey Flow water system reflects the expert knowledge and experience of professional staff with extensive background in top of the line Landscape design, irrigation, filtration and water treatment systems.